#TQT #TEXASQTIP #TGIF - Award Winning Ribs

#‎TexasQTip‬ ‪#‎TQT‬ ‪#‎TGIF‬ 'Award Winning Ribs' Whether you prefer Baby Backs or Spares...Pork Ribs are Special! Most think that falling off the bone is a good thing...but actually, that is an over cooked, Dry rib. In Competition, perfection, is a clean bite through the rib without it pulling off the bone. To achieve this, first off NEVER BOIL YOUR RIBS! I smoke our ribs at 250-275 for about 3-4hrs. We rub ours with either Vegetable oil or Mustard as an 'adhesive' then we cover with our proprietary seasoning, then a thick coat of our Special proprietary Rub...after the first hour we start spritzing with either apple juice or cidar every 30mins. This makes for a great sticky, glazed finish. At the end, I may also finish with a layer of our Texas Q Original BBQ Sauce that makes for a great thick Glaze. By following these tips... You too can make Award Winning Ribs!