This was a small I decided to time the cook like I would for Ribs. I injected the loin with Organic AppleJuice and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I removed it the next morning and applied a even coat of yellow mustard. I then layered my rubs using heat and then sweet rub profiles. I'm putting it on the Pit at 250 for two hours of Pecan, Apple & Cherry Wood Smoke. I pull it at 2hrs, and coat with a good Peach preserve, apply layers of rub as above, then I add my "BrownSugarSpecial" topped with "Squeeze Butter" to form a really nice Sticky Glaze that brings the #SweetHeat. I double wrap in foil and return the loin to the pit at 250 for 2hrs.

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The flavor of the Gulf Coast Shrimp is unlike any other...a distinct salty, sweet, gulf air flavor that can't be found anywhere else in the World! It takes center stage in any cuisine! I'm sharing a pic of Gulf Coast Shrimp w/mini San Marzano's, red pepper, olive oil and garlic. The dish is ready in under 30 min. Light with AMAZING FLAVOR